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Floats-Pkgd,Furn Lines,Stops

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Foam Floats
$0.35 - $0.75
American Spirit Zing Lighthouse Bobbers Weighted
$11.49 - $13.99

The best of the best! These hardwood floats are extremely well made and durable. Unique top section allows for the ultimate in visibility for both day and night fishing. Just remove the bright orange plastic insert and replace it with one of our 3" glow stick for night fishing. [more]

Arbogast Bobber Stop

A tiny, flexible spring-stop that grips monofilament line to put your bait at the exact depth you want to fish. Special plastic beads permit the use of almost any sliding bobber. Bobber Stop winds right up into spinning, casting or spin cast reels. It casts smoothly through rod guides and slides… [more]

Balloon Fisher King Balloon Kits

Custom Balloon clip for quick and easy use. Refill kits available as well. They provide bait depth control. Both salt & fresh water fishing uses. High quality, biodegradeable, 100% organic latex balloon. [more]

Balloon Fisher King Pro Pack Multi-Clip With Balloons

Easy to use, custom balloon clips. Precise bait depth control. Both salt & fresh water fishing uses. High quality, biodegradeable, 100% organic latex balloon. Pack include 5-Balloon Clips, 10 Balloons suitable for live and cut bait. Clips are ideal for monofilament. [more]

Balloon Fisher King Bulk Pack Balloon Pack

The clips are recommended for 20-lb monofilament or 30-lb braided line and higher. Easy-to-use, re-usable, custom balloon clips, Attaches and removes a balloon from line in seconds. Precise bait depth control. Ideal for saltwater and freshwater [more]

Betts Popping Float?Balsi-Foam?

Cup face makes popping and chugging sound that attracts fish. Made extra strong. Excellent paint finish. Packed 12 No Break. [more]

Betts FS-50B Float A Bubble 2 1/2"

Float A Bubble 2 1/2" 2 pc Zip Bag [more]

Betts Flo-Glo?

Brilliant FLO-GLO? Carolina style string floats in zip bags. [more]

Billy Bay Unweighted Click Clackers
$2.99 - $4.69

This rig is designed to fish the grass, shallow bays and water, fresh and saltwater. Can use with jigs, plastic lures, spec rigs, and live bait. It holds the lure above the grasses. Deadly on trout and redfish. [more]

Billy Bay Snap-On Hi Viz Rattle?

The best and most unique rattling float made. High visibility. Hard foam for endurance. [more]

Billy Bay Aggravators?
$4.29 - $7.29

This fishing technique is designed to put the lure and hold it in the zone. It acts like a lure as well as attracts the fish with its splashing and "clicking" sound that imitates bait fish. [more]

Billy Bay Big Boy Bobbers

The Betts Billy Boy Catfish Glow Bobber is larger than ordinary bobbers so it is ideal for holding bigger baits. Weighted for increased casting distances, the Catfish Glow Bobber comes with a replaceable chemical light stick for higher visibility at night. [more]

Billy Bay Brass Weighted Click Clacker
$4.99 - $6.69

The sight, sound, splashing-clicking and popping noises make a sound like bait fish, which attracts the feeding fish. Perfect for redfish, trout, cobia, snook, flounder, all bay fish and deadly in fresh water. [more]

Billy Bay Pop N' Gurgle?

It does what its name says. The cup face gurgles and pops the water that attracts the fish to fee. The weight provides the perfect action. It has a proven record on all bay fish as well as fresh water especially bass. 3" Popping float. [more]

Billy Bay Adjustable Depth

Changes your depth quickly by sliding bobber stop up or down. The Adjustable Depth Aggravator? adds a whole new dimensions to your fishing and lures. You can control the depth. Adds more action, then stops for the bite while suspended. The sight, sound, splashing-clicking and popping noises, makes… [more]

Billy Boy Weighted Slip Floats
$1.89 - $2.29

Two weighted red and white slip floats with beads and bobber stops in each zip bag. Finally, a weighted slip float that works. With beads & bobbers stops included. 2 per bag. [more]

Billy Boy Bobber Stops And Beads

Fluorescent orange string for high visibility and fast depth change. Convenient key style holder with easy rigging beads. Easy instructions on package. 10 pc. PER PACK. [more]

Billy Boy Oval Slip Foam Floats
$2.39 - $4.39

Beautiful multi-striped, hand painted slip floats. Packed with bobber stop & bead - in bag with "How to" instructions. [more]

Billy Boy Cigar Instamatic®

Weighted peg turns a regular float into a weighted, fixed or slip float. Use slotted weighted peg for slip float (put line in slot) or solid side for fixed float. Pegs can also be used on other floats. With bead. [more]

Billy Boy Bobber Fly

Billy Boy Bobber Fly Bobbers are weighted snap-on bobbers with balanced weight on both ends for extra sensitivity. Bobber Fly Bobbers work best when fish are finicky. When a fish picks up your lure, the bobber lays down. Set the hook! You don't have to wait for the fish to swallow the lure.… [more]

Billy Boy Peg Float Assortment

Super value sales pack of assorted sizes and colors of 8 peg cigar and oval shape floats. [more]

Billy Boy Tubular Wood Pole Floats
$4.09 - $9.19

Each float has a line threader included. Floats designed to be balanced in the water. Bright epoxy paint that will not chip, seals the float, and will absorb water. The hole is open for easy threading - packed with bead and bobber stop. [more]

Billy Boy Assorted Weightedsnap-On Float Assortment

Super value sales pack of assorted sizes and colors of 6 weighted snap-on foam floats. [more]

105 Results
Per Page 30 60
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