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Jigs-FW Casting & Flippin

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Bass Patrol Western Series Football Head Jigs

Bass Patrol Western Series Custom Football Head Jigs are Hand Tied with round Living Rubber, Premium black nickel hooks, high gloss painted heads with recessed eyelet. [more]

Booyah Baby Boo Jigs

This little jig carries the attitude of the big boys. With a 60-strand ultra fine Booyah silicone skirt, light weed guard and a Mustad® Ultra Point? light wire hook, this baby has a proven record of catching the big ones. [more]

Booyah Boo Jigs

This jig features a flat bottom 18° rise, Mustad® Ultra Point? premium blk nickel hook, heavy weed guard, 2 magnum rattles and a full body 50-strand Bio-Flex® silicone skirt. [more]

Booyah Swim'N Jigs?

With its flat-bottomed, arrowhead jig head and line tie that's in-line with the hook, the Swim'n Jig is made to be thrown into the thickest, nastiest grass you can find. Add an XCalibur? Tx3? hook designed specifically for the Swim'n Jig, two red rattles and a Plasti-Kee? spike behind the skirt… [more]

Booyah Bank Roll Jigs?

The new Bankroll Jig from BOOYAH Bait Co. was created with the help of some of this country's best jig fishermen. This new stand-up jig features a flattop and top-heavy design that keeps it upright on bottom - effectively standing on its head. [more]

Booyah Finance Jigs?

BOOYAH Bait Co. put the best jig fishermen in the world in a room and asked them to create the ultimate jig for multiple uses - flippin', pitchin' and casting - and the result is BOOYAH's new Finance Jig. Available only in the pros' top eight color patterns and three sizes (3/8-, ½- and ¾-ounce),… [more]

Freedom Stealth Jig
$5.59 - $5.89
Freedom Zodiac Hybrid

The Zodiac Hybrid Jig utilizes the "Tamburro Twist" hook connection to provide a jig head that's full of action. The hook swings behind the head and can easily be switched out depending on your settings and conditions. The proprietary connection is housed inside of a brass echo chamber that… [more]

Freedom Hydra Jig
$7.79 - $8.29

The Freedom Tackle Hydra Hybrid Jig features a unique, lifelike hydrodynamic head design complete with a durable, hardened epoxy finish, 3D hologram eyes, and a sonic brass echo chamber. It also features a special hook attachment that allows the hook to swing independently, providing enhanced bait… [more]

Gamakatsu Round 26 Jigheads

A standard all around jig head design, it features a long shank 90 degree jig hook and a round head with two keeper rings to prevent the bait from sliding off, but won't tear up thinner, softer baits. The Nickel silver Black. [more]

Gamakatsu Tube Head Jigheads

The tube 25 is an ideal hook for finesse tubes and other hollow baits. This hook uses a sleek head design to fit inside tubes and features a strong size 2 hook with a corrosion resistant Nickel silver black finish. The weights available are 1/32 oz., 1/16 oz., and 1/8 oz. Nickel silver black. [more]

Gamakatsu Darter 26 Jigheads

This leaves the weedless option up to the angler. This Darter head also features an optional weedguard system like the Cobra heads. They come packed with 5 monofilament brush guards that fit into a holder located just behind the hook eye. Each Darter comes equipped with a sticky sharp NS Black… [more]

Gamakatsu Cobra 27 Jigheads

The Cobra 27 comes in sizes 1/0 with a ¼ oz. Head, a 2/0 with a 3/8 oz. Head and a 3/0 with a ½ oz. Head all attached to a heavy duty hook with Gamakatsu's sticky sharp point. In addition to the unique head design, the Cobra 27 comes packed with 5 filament brush guards that can be inserted into the… [more]

Gamakatsu Wacky Head Jigs

With its unique flat shape, the "Wacky Head" will entice the finickiest of biters with its side to side rolling type action. Also to add to its attraction is the red epoxy head, and a short shank wide gap designed hook for a greater bite surface area for those short biting fish. [more]

Gambler Screw Giggy Head

Finesse fishing is one of the fastest growing techniques in bass fishing today. Anybody trying this technique needs to use the Gambler Giggy Head. The Giggy Head was ranked #1 in finesse jig heads by FLW Outdoors. What makes this product so great? First, the design is extremely snag resistant, an… [more]

Gene Larew Biffle Hardheads
$6.19 - $9.19

The Gene Larew® Biffle HardHead® Jighead offers the benefits of a football head plus the added action of a worm-hook that moves freely with the bait! Tommy Biffle used this head to win the BASS Elite Series ''Sooner Run'' event. [more]

Jewel Football Jigs
$6.49 - $7.89

The heavy cover finesse football jig offers an angler the right weight-to-depth bait. A bulky presentation allows an angler to catch quality fish in the 8-15 feet range while the bait still maintains the trademark Jewel Bait Company finesse-style skirts. (2 pack) [more]

Jewel Eakins' Jigs
$6.89 - $7.19

This high-quality multi-purpose jig features a cross eyelet, black nickel, Ultra Point hook, premium silicone skirt, and specially designed tournament-proven head. (2 pack) [more]

Lethal Weapon II

Handmade and hand tied, the Lethal Weapon II Swim Jig is built for the discerning jig fanatic. Even the super sharp Owner Light Wire hook is hand-bent, since you can't buy the ideal hook pre-bent with the correct angle. They don't use rubber collars either like most jigs on the market, each skirt… [more]

Lethal Weapon IV

Built for fishing the thickest cover, the Lethal Weapon IV Swim Jig features a custom design that helps it slips through the slop and tempt the big ones. Crafted with a specially shaped head, the Lethal Weapon IV Swim Jig is fitted with a premium weedguard that helps it move through areas of heavy… [more]

Lethal Weapon Lethal Blade

The Lethal Weapon Lethal Blade is a blade bait with a highly attractive vibrating action. Used for casting, jigging, or slow trolling the Lethal Blade will catch the eyes of walleye, saugeye, both large and small mouth bass, white bass, pike and panfish. [more]

Lunker Lure Original Rattleback Flipping Jig

Single piece molded construction with a metal pin running the full length of the triple rattle chamber makes these jigs unique. The sleek profile provides the same loud sound while making this jig virtually weedless. Features Mustad hooks. [more]

Lunker Lure Triple Rattleback Jigs

Single piece molded construction with a metal pin running the full length of the triple rattle chamber makes these jigs unique. The sleek profile provides the same loud sound while making this jig virtually weedless. Gamakatsu hook. [more]

Lunkerhunt Skirted Swim Jig

Lunkerhunt Natural Skirted Swim Jigs? are designed to mimic the baitfish that is found in most freshwater lakes. They weigh 3/8 oz and have; a premium 4/0 - 60 degree hook, wire tied silicone skirts, and a perfectly sized nylon bristle weed guard that makes them weedless but does not impede hook… [more]

Missile Baits MJHB12-BMC Ike's Head

Ike's Head Banger Jig 1/2oz Bamer Craw [more]

Missile Baits MJHB12-BRU Ike's Head

Ike's Head Banger Jig 1/2oz Bruiser [more]

Missile Baits MJHB12-CNGR Ike's

Ike's Head Banger Jig 1/2oz Candy Grass [more]

Missile Baits MJHB12-GP Ike's Head

Ike's Head Banger Jig 1/2oz Green Pumpkin [more]

80 Results
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