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Drifter Tackle The Doc and Li'l Doc
  • Size: 9
  • Size: 7

Drifter Tackle The Doc and Li'l Doc

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Product Details

Drifter Tackle The Doc and Li'l Doc

A classic walk-the-dog topwater lure.
It has exceptional triggering capabilities resulting from its mesmerizing side-to-side action. At 9 inches in length, it represents a meal that trophy fish find appealing. It’s plastic body and tapered construction produce excellent hooking percentages for this type of lure. The fish’s teeth don’t penetrate the lure but rather they slide over the surface allowing quality hookups time after time. The size of the lure allows fishing even in heavy seas. Its buoyancy is perfected allowing easy working with a simple timely twitch…..zig…zag…zig…zag…the lure glides back and forth pushing a signature wave that attracts the most stubborn of fish. A short pause between twitches allows you to witness a monster surface strike that you’ll always remember. The lure is further enhanced with internal rattles. The result is that more fish take the target into their mouth and as a result the hookup percentage increases.
The Li’l Doc™ (2.75 oz.) is a smaller version of the classic coming in at 7 inches of length. Same characteristics and features in a smaller package. When Doc™ is too much, Li’l Doc™ is just what you need.


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