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Cod One of the most iconic New England fisheries would have to be the recreational and commercial Cod fishery.   At J&B we would lump Haddock and Pollock into this same collection.    The most popular methods to target Cod are either jigs or bait.   The days of the traditional 8ft stiff cod jigging rod are gone.   Cod are now often caught with the same slow pitch, speed jigs, or traditional diamond jigs used to target Black Sea Bass, Tuna, Bluefish and Striped Bass.   The bait rigs haven’t changed much; two hooks with bait holders are most popular.   Many anglers add a teaser on the upper hook or make a combo jig/teaser rig.   J&B stocks a full complement of hand tied rigs, production rigs and components to tie your own.   We also stock most of the major brands of jigs from Slovakian, Shimano, Daiwa, Nomad, Captains Tackle and more.  Using braided line anglers now use these jigs on traditional 6 '6'' and 7’ rods or many are even moving to lighter gear like slow pitch rods to target cod and haddock.   Out with Grandpa’s 8ft meat stick and let the enjoyment begin.